Monday, 5 October 2009

The Tipping Point and Mind Maps

Here is the first of the Mind Maps I've made covering all of 'The Tipping Point' which I did struggle to get through in large chunks, so broke them down a bit which is odd because I normally read pretty quickly, I had to get used to it. This book needs severe concentration, however I really enjoyed and understood the book a lot better for doing this mind map! It really works for me.
Despite having to power through it I found the Tipping Point really interesting, as it's a kind of universal look on the world's behaviour I've never read anything like it before.
The Law of The Few was particularly interesting, I definitely know at least one Connector, Maven and Salesmen without even trying which makes the book relative to just about everyone I think!
Learning about the Stickyness Factor taught me that children are even more sponge-like than I thought. I knew that learning a language when you're young comes easily and quickly but I didn't know that kids learned literacy and numbers whilst doing several different things at once, half listening and playing with toys is just as good if not better than sitting watching apparently!


  1. Safe to say I don't know how...but I managed to get away with not reading the Tipping Point at all in 2nd year! And still got a pretty good pass!
    The same method does not work for dissertation, lol!
    See you about the workshop,
    Lisa x

  2. Damn it and I was going to use mind mapping for all my problem solving in life from now I seem to know the Tipping Point inside out! Scary.
    If you see me about the workshop and I look lost or am about to break something feel free to prod me in the right direction! Haha. Getting the hang of things though.

    Lizzieeee x

  3. Ditto on the prodding! Haha! Just chat to any of us 4th years, we're a nice bunch and honestly most of the time we will be just as lost as you! Lol.

    Lisa x