Friday, 25 September 2009

Today's lecture

I've now been trying to think of Design as the 'cake' rather than the icing now for the past week when working on this project...the process, trial and error, is important! I like thinking of it this way instead of trying to think and rush ahead to a final piece.
The Design Studies lectures I feel are completely different from our first year lectures, because they're involving us a lot more instead of just sitting and listening; it's engaging, I'm listening more and taking more information in.
When the lecturer was asking us "What does red mean to you?" I did instantly think, well it's a colour..then started thinking what it represented such as the emotion 'anger', the warning 'danger' etc It is just a colour, but the question to get those answers which people gave would probably be what does the colour red symbolize. Because really it doesn't mean anything. However this made me question if I used the colour red to do a design for jewellery would that affect the wearer's thoughts of it, the general feeling of it? Would this be the same for any other colour?
I also like that our association with things that we are comfortable with were questioned e.g. when Mozart was played it made me feel relaxed, I knew what was coming next..if I had heard the Lament for Hiroshima and been told the title before hand, I may not have cringed quite as much as I did because I've heard A-Tonal music before and if i knew the reason or meaning, I may have listened more and not just thought, what is this load of noise?!
I really want to look more at branding and advertising, and find out the ways which subtle hints in advertising can completely convince a person into buying something, or using that company.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Vessels. .

Sooo for my first project in Jewellery we've to design a vessel; mine is going to be based on organic forms and textures. Have been looking at some plant shapes, done some observation drawing outside and got a lot of inspiration from pieces by David Huang, his vessels are 'Relic' type works made from copper, silver, gold.
This particular vessel has a completely different textured inner and exterior from all his others which are smoother and kind of swirling patterns rather than squashed circle shapes and oblongs but I looove the pattern on this one. Shading in circles instead of markings is a thing of mine so i've been using this pattern a lot for texture and interest.
Going to start thinking about the form of my vessel soon so I'll be look at more plants and underwater plants/coral I think for many different twisty shapes and jaggy textures.