Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas baking so far!!

So every holiday I go back and think, what else is there to do in the middle of nowhere, but bake things for family and friends! I go a bit crazy otherwise.. :D
(I'm so proud of the cupcakes, they look so professional, hehe!)

Friday, 3 December 2010

A tactile, magnetic ear piece, that you might not necessarily want to touch...

This is my final piece so far for my research project, a lot of thought was put into how it would fit onto the ear..
The piece is still in progress, but the concept is basically a tactile piece which you may not want to touch (the sphere shapes are made from latex, rather squishy and odd) and I decided to put it in an unexpected or 'hidden' place on the body. I chose behind the ear because that is a habit of my own, to rub behind my ears, I don't notice I'm doing it. If i forgot I was wearing this, I'd get a fright feeling some sort of weird rubbery texture there!
Anyway, I have set magnets in the copper and into the latex so it fits anywhere around the ear (very strong magnets!) and can be moved around. I have not yet flocked the inside of the spheres (added texture) or added chains and more spheres to hang off the piece. It will also be silver plated.

Some wee porcelain samples for your viewing pleasure

A couple of weeks ago Georgia kindly arranged a porcelain workshop for us in the general workshop which was fun and a nice break from other stresses in our owm workshop and design studies! Here's a few wee glazed samples: