Friday, 19 August 2011

'sciencey' things...

Off to the woods we gooo...took a wander up round the castle estate to find some mushrooms, squishy things, lycan, etc. Thought i'd slice some fungi up and take a look at it under the microscope. As you can see from the picture, this is a VERY old microscope! My dad's, originally my great grandpa's. You have to have a torch/lamp placed where the mirror is and adjust it so that the light shines up towards the slides, there's no fancy internal light within this thing! It's really cool that it's a piece of family history.
I wiped the dust off it and the slide that i last used years ago was STILL sitting on the plinth, must have been looking at spores because an orange dust-pattern was stuck to the glass slide.

Anywho! I got the best photos that i could out of this. Last time i tried looking down the lens, then drawing what i saw..quite tricky. So i focused my camera down the lens.

The light isn't too great but i didn't think i'd even be able to get pictures in the first place so i'm quite pleased! And i like that the photos are the lens and black background :)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The coven of witches..

A funny mossy collection of lumps which is sitting up a hill near the Maltlands on the Castle Estate in Inveraray..I've walked passed them so many times and thought they looked like a group of witches huddling together or whispering! I'm sort of waiting for them to pop out of the undergrowth one day..

Hmmm...silicone eh..