Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Design for a better....coral reef

The designing of Vessels are beginning to take shap this week, I've made two (on the third so far) little pod-type things based on coral forms, planning to make two more....and then a base for them to sit in. This may take some time..anyway!
For just general research in the summer I found some really interesting sculptures by a sculptor called Jason Taylor which I LOVE because they are underwater, for a start. . .
These sculptures have been placed beside a coral reef in Grenada, the West Indies; there is a collection so is now a 'Sculpture Park', not only are these an interest for divers and a depiction of Grenadian people and their history but it also protects the coral reef.
The coral has begun to grow onto the sculptures themselves providing new ground for them, divers/explorers are more reluctant to go too near the reefs because of the art work there; the reef has protection. I think the idea behind this is brilliant, I love environmental design and I think there is much more exploring to be done within this subject. I'd like to do some sculptures with only natural objects and blog them up...stay tuned.

"The aim of the Sculpture Park is to create a unique space which highlights environmental processes and celebrates local culture. By creating an artificial reef of sculptures which depict Grenadian peoples and their history, the project fulfils its dual purpose of protecting the marine environment and illustrating the richness of Grenada" Jason Taylor

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