Friday, 23 October 2009

Brainstorming 'The Power Of Context'

A collection of people from our class in different seminar groups brainstormed 'The Power Of Context' which was basically anything and everything linking crime and how to prevent and improve on different areas such as CCTV, the effect graffiti has on street crime etc. Posting anything we could think of we came up with different areas to research into such as Alarms, 'Wall in a Can' (an inventive way to incourage graffiti as an art form rather than as vanadlism) Hidden Cameras. I have decided to research into 'Atmosphere' in certain areas in cities such as undergrounds, bridges, bypasses, crime rates are high because of the general atmosphere 'The Broken Window Theory of vanadlising certain areas discourages the public from going into Subways without having some kind of feeling of 'this is a dangerzone'. I'm going to look into atmosphere to investigate if cities perhaps in Scotland, maybe have a look at New York Subways to see if they have generally been improved at all and how to do so to make this a safer transport for the general public.

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