Saturday, 11 September 2010


I've been thinking about the reasons for liking the particular themes that appear in my work. With third year approaching I'd like to look more into subjects and understand the materials I love to use much better. Obvious loves of mine are the sea, sea creatures, fish, Japanese and Eastern culture, but a tutor asked me during the stone setting project what particular element do I like about these themes? Had I ever thought about looking further into it. I told him that I loved looking at transparent objects, multiples, stones that contain many colours such as Opals, I use layering in a lot of my pieces and sketchbooks.
I'd love to continue looking further into these ideas. However I'd never dismiss anything new that I come across..
During college in Glasgow when I was doing a portfolio course, I got really into looking at cells, bacteria, animals, the way nature works behind all the leaves and trees. If I look into a particular subject like an animal I think is just really interesting (usually reptiles, sea animals..) I HAVE to know everything about it and the way it works. Sort of like if I watch a film in a way, I have to know the workings behind it.
Some of the images I came up with for the Mixed Media project in that course weren't pretty, but they were full of detail, intricacy, and just lots of information!

A few hits of transparency into Google gave me some images that I really like..

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