Saturday, 18 September 2010

Design Studies :Assignment 1.

For this assignment I thought carefully about the topic I wanted to choose before we met up with our study groups. Crime and Design instantly jumped out at me from the list of Wiki topics but I had written about that for my level 2 essays so much last year I thought it's time to move on.
I googled and researched topics if I weren't too sure what they were, for example I had no idea what 'Green Wash' was before I looked it up, I had no idea that companies did this! Was pretty shocked and thought people are just so crafty! Of course saying 'this is a green product' is going to sell much more than those who aren't but faking it is awful...
Ecoliteracy is the topic I chose, luckily no one else in my group wanted to write about this, however we did find some common ground discussing it! Ecoliteracy is teaching sustainability and 'How to be green' in schools, which I think is an amazing subject, very important for future generations and has so much potential for design ideas!
Peter from our group suggested I visit the Student plot up at the Botanic Gardens, he does a lot of work up there and was telling me about some possible designs.
We were also discussing 'natural graffiti' which is using moss, as it grows really well up walls and buildings, mixing it with glue in a blender and 'graffiti-ing' public places! Technically you can't really get into any major trouble with this, it might not be as colourful or as personal as using spray paint, but its natural, and very green as it will continue to grow :)
We did go slightly off subjects at times but I think it was altogether a very useful meeting, getting to know each other and swapping ideas!

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