Thursday, 3 December 2009

I have created life!. . it's a pufferfish

A while back (quite a long while back) I mentioned on my blog that I had been looking at Quentin Blake drawings, sketchy, quirky and lively, these drawings inspired my wire project to form.
To focus on just a particular object or 'theme' I suppose, I chose fish, not only because they're very interesting to draw, textural, covered in scales, the skeletons provide a lot of line, but because I love the sea and thought I'd continue that theme in my work.
I came across an image of a pufferfish which I loved, they're quite comical anyway but this one looked a bit angry, and had some personality about it.
I drew so many other things, had so many other ideas for necklaces, brooches, looked at Arbroath Smokeries, seaweed, netting. . . and always came back to this idea, of designing a pufferfish brooch. Tricky? I didn't really know how I was going to make it if i could, but the drawings and the week in the media lab helped a lot to come up with this idea. .

Here is the little attachment (there is a bigger one, the main brooch) which will be linked to the halved bigger pieced with jump rings and gold-plated. It has some humour about it, as well as some rage, I think it looks quite like a sand-mine, or a satellite too to be honest :)

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