Thursday, 3 December 2009

Assignment 4 part C

From reading both 'Learning from the Japanese City: West meets East in Urban Design' and 'The International Journal of Transport Management 1'; I have gained a greater interest in cultural design as well as learning new information, facts and ideas from these sources.
I very much enjoyed reading source 2 because it gave me a different perspective of the way the Western world is built around us, the Eastern Urban culture, and made me consider another way to view the way we're living, by all it's content rather than context as Shelton suggested.

If I were to take this further I suppose I would investigate and research further into CPTED, if it has been used more-so and currently in railway stations to improve the facilities. I would also look into graffiti art more; how do we move from vandalism to becoming a public form of art? Could these be commissioned in our subways?

I would perhaps create my own survey, whilst looking more into Japanese culture, history to present in further detail. Asking the public what they think about their city, what could be (greatly) improved? Do they know anything/much about Eastern Culture, would it be of use to look at a city as a 'whole space' rather than categorized? I think my own investigations could help when looking into this subject as well as looking at more varied sources, and perhaps looking beyond the present to the future of Eastern Urban Culture . .

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