Friday, 3 December 2010

A tactile, magnetic ear piece, that you might not necessarily want to touch...

This is my final piece so far for my research project, a lot of thought was put into how it would fit onto the ear..
The piece is still in progress, but the concept is basically a tactile piece which you may not want to touch (the sphere shapes are made from latex, rather squishy and odd) and I decided to put it in an unexpected or 'hidden' place on the body. I chose behind the ear because that is a habit of my own, to rub behind my ears, I don't notice I'm doing it. If i forgot I was wearing this, I'd get a fright feeling some sort of weird rubbery texture there!
Anyway, I have set magnets in the copper and into the latex so it fits anywhere around the ear (very strong magnets!) and can be moved around. I have not yet flocked the inside of the spheres (added texture) or added chains and more spheres to hang off the piece. It will also be silver plated.

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