Friday, 6 November 2009

Fantastic Mr.Fox...

So I went along to the DCA, Fantastic Mr.Fox was on show I thought I might cringe at one of my favourite childhood stories...This is not what you expect. Well it wasn't for me at least, a favourite childhood book of mine, this Roald Dahl tale now turned into a quirky slightly Americanised (ok well quite a lot) kids film/animation...with more attitude than truth to the story. But it was Brilliant.
The stop-motion animation is great for a start, if a little bit creepy but I found that with all Dahl books to be honest, children love them even if their not just that wee bit scary. It was fast-paced and quick-witted, definitely had a good dose of both childish and slightly more grown up sense of humour. The non-cheesy witty remarks and quirkyness throughout this film saved it from being a pile of emotional mush...(which I cringe at in most 'U' films). I recommend this to anyone having never had read Roald Dahl before even just for the animated quality, or if you have read the book and want to be introduced to Wes Anderson's take on the story.
This probably isn't revelant to my blog at all, I'm not sure If reviewing films is a good use of my time, however; watching this has inspired me to go and research further into Quentin Blake drawings and sketches for my 2nd Jewellery project on wire as he uses a lot of line, and a fantastic sense of humour within his work..

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