Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Vessels. .

Sooo for my first project in Jewellery we've to design a vessel; mine is going to be based on organic forms and textures. Have been looking at some plant shapes, done some observation drawing outside and got a lot of inspiration from pieces by David Huang, his vessels are 'Relic' type works made from copper, silver, gold.
This particular vessel has a completely different textured inner and exterior from all his others which are smoother and kind of swirling patterns rather than squashed circle shapes and oblongs but I looove the pattern on this one. Shading in circles instead of markings is a thing of mine so i've been using this pattern a lot for texture and interest.
Going to start thinking about the form of my vessel soon so I'll be look at more plants and underwater plants/coral I think for many different twisty shapes and jaggy textures.

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